I’ve left Facebook. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the platform, I always have.

Why is it everyone thinks they can’t live without it? It frustrates me, I have a news feed filled with crap I couldn’t care less about, and I’m sick of trying to fight the algorithms to get noticed. I guess it’s more hate than love.

But I still need to market my business, network and discover like-minded people. I need a platform to share my content with the world. I need prospects to be able to find me! So after about 2 years of being dormant, I’ve returned to Twitter, and my timing couldn’t be better.

Twitter is alive and kicking

Twitter seems to have peaked and plateaued. It struggles to secure users or attract new ones causing speculation that the platform is dying and will soon cease to exist. Despite the failure to maintain any growth on the platform, you cannot deny the enthusiasm of its users and their involvement in the conversation.

I write this on the day after Twitter users protest the suspension of actress Rose McGowan from the platform after she spoke out about her Hollywood abuse. #WomenBoycottTwitter trended, and thousands of users responded and voiced opinions on the topic and raised other important issues around abuse and gender equality.

And you’ll be happy if you like to talk a lot because tweets now have double the room. Twitter has introduced a trial of 280 characters to some users in the hopes that it will make the platform more useful. But of course, there are sceptics, what if we like to keep things succinct?

Then there’s Trump. Need I say more. I haven’t followed him, for fear of his tweets filling my feed and having a permanent red mark on my forehead from constant facepalming. But go ahead, I hear it’s amusing (if not a little scary).

10 reasons to give Twitter a go

I’ve been reminded, in the short time that I’ve been back, of why Twitter is such a useful social media platform. Here are my top 10 reasons to be on Twitter.

1. Hashtags

Hashtags make things searchable and being searchable means you can be found. Make sure you use hashtags wisely and that they relate to the content you tweet. They can also be helpful in finding information and accounts to follow.

2. Source of information

A lot of valuable information is shared on Twitter and hashtags make it easy to search topics of interest. If you’re a news junkie, then Twitter is for you. News and events are shared on Twitter more than on any other social channel.

3. Your audience

Brands need to be aware of where their customers and potential customers hang out, and it’s not always Facebook. Twitter is a place for conversation, by engaging with your audience and not just using it to broadcast messages you can build valuable relationships with them.

4. Widen your network

Unlike social platforms that have closed networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, the majority of profiles on Twitter are public. There aren’t any restrictions in who you follow, and it’s easy to find and connect with other like-minded people, including industry influencers.

5. Be noticed

Not only can you connect with influencers on Twitter, but you can also interact with them. By joining the conversation you can get them to notice you without coming across as a creepy stalker, the bonus being other users will notice you too.

6. Social listening

Twitter allows you to listen to your audience and find out what they’re saying about specific topics and your brand. Knowing their sentiment gives you insight into what areas of your business you can improve or develop to help them solve their problems and maintain your reputation.

7. Content inspiration

Following on from the previous point, through listening to conversations you can get ideas for creating content that offers solutions to your audiences pain points. Breaking news and trending topics are another great starting place for content ideas. Can you relate them to your business, your services or products?

8. Customer service

Twitter is one of the best online customer service tools. The transparency and immediacy of the platform make it a popular way for consumers to get in touch with brands, and likewise a smart platform for brands to use if their audience is on there.

9. Real-time

Staying at the forefront of new technologies related to your product and service and having an awareness of events in your local area or industry can be challenging. Twitter makes it easy to keep up to date with events and news in real time and helps you stay a step ahead of the competition.

10. It’s not crowded

Twitter attracts a niche market; not everyone is on there. Being less crowded can have its advantages, you have less competition and have a greater chance of getting noticed.

It’s a green light

I’ve given it the green light, but I admit Twitter isn’t for everyone. It requires a bit of effort, like any of the platforms. Given a chance, it can deliver some wonderful things that none of the others can. If you think it could be a fit for your brand, have a go.  Get your messages out there in the Twitterverse and see what happens.



Carlos Alberto Gómez Iñiguez

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