Hey there, welcome to Two Thirds Digital.

I’m Kat Rischbieth (pronounced rish as in fish and beth like the girl’s name) I’m a creative copywriter and digital content specialist, and this is my website.

I help brands find the right words. The words that attract visitors, the words that engage them, instil trust and convert them into customers. Over the years I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, from itty bitty start-ups in niche industries to well-known brands and the big heavy corporates.

As well as writing persuasive copy for websites and developing content for blogs and social media campaigns (plus a bunch of other stuff) I also provide a place where small businesses, with a little help from me, can learn. I want you to be able to do things yourself. That’s really important to me.

I will share my knowledge with you and teach you how to be better at creating content and managing your social media. So, eventually, you can move away from outsourcing the small things and start being autonomous in your digital marketing.

How I got here…

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a filmmaker, but after 4 years of studying the discipline, I decided to experience a bit of life and travel so that I could build up my story collection. The wanderlust inside took me on a longer journey than expected, and by the time I thought about a career again the world had gone digital. Rather than fight it I joined in and opened my eyes to the world of the internet.

An avid reader and writer from a young age, I’ve always loved words and the meaning that can be created by them. After years of scribbling private thoughts with pen on paper, digital was a little scary, and far too public! But I took the leap. And here I am. Now I work with brands and get to write, create content and tell stories to develop their digital communications and marketing. Maybe I’ll get to work with you!

Promote your brand, yourself.

You know one of the hardest things to do is market yourself, hey I’m struggling with it right now. The blank screen staring back at you waiting, waiting, waiting. . . Then once you do put some words down there comes the continual self-editing, the distractions, the fear. . . Geez, why can’t I just press ‘publish’?

Sometimes you need a little bit of guidance, an elbow in the ribs to get you moving forward. That’s where I come in. I am not about doing it for you; I believe that small businesses can and should be self-sufficient. Ok so maybe not everything, I can deal with the tricky technical stuff, like making sure your website copy is optimised for SEO… huh? Exactly.

Getting your head around digital can be frustrating, it moves and changes so quickly, but ironically things can be slow. Things get neglected, things break or become stagnant.

“But our website traffic has dropped, and all our Twitter followers are from the US, why would they contact us to landscape their garden?”  

Piecing it all together.

Maybe you don’t have the time or resources, your patience for digital things wears thin very quickly, possibly it’s just another thing on your endless list of things to do, and you know how important it is but. . . I hear you.

So how do you get over the bumps and start seeing the rewards? Unfortunately, in digital, you can’t just act on a whim (and a prayer).

Have you got a social media strategy for your Facebook page? What about a content plan? How do they relate to your business goals? What about your conversions, your ROI?

It’s not always a fun ride, but together we can start to blow off the dust and connect things back together so that they work. I will help you get out of the digital vacuum. I will help you simplify and amplify your digital messages to build awareness around your brand. We’ll develop campaigns that are strategically aligned with your business goals.

You’ll start having a bit of freedom, maybe even a bit of fun. And the best bit is you’ll be well on your way to being autonomous!

Keeping up with the Joneses.

There is no point being on digital if you’re not going to use it to your advantage. And that means going about it properly. Your competitor, Larry Lawn is now using SnapChat to showcase his manicured lawns. But that doesn’t mean you should invest your time in creating a profile on the platform too.

My point is you need to learn the basics; you don’t need to jump on every train that goes by in the fear that your competitors are going to outdo you. Work with what you’ve got and make it better.

If your digital platforms are feeling a bit flat and could do with an inspirational nudge in the ribs, then please message me by email or connect with me on my social pages.